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On fat shaming…

i don’t care if you’re fat. i don’t care if you eat healthy and are fat. i don’t care if you eat poorly and are fat. i don’t care what top you’re wearing. i don’t care what shorts you’re wearing. i don’t care what you’re wearing. and nobody else should either. so if you’re reading this and thinking, “ew fat people, they’re so unhealthy, they have no business wearing those shorts, those jeans were not designed for you, shame shame shame, tisk tisk tisk, how dare you be fat” then you can fuck right off.

what i do care about is what other people say about fat people and how those being criticized feel about themselves. i will endlessly defend anyone from the body police. because y’know who should give a fuck what you look like? YOU, that’s who, and no fucking body else! because it’s YOUR fucking body, not THEIRS. you don’t wear those clothes to make other people happy. you don’t wear what you wear to invite criticism and commentary. and if you’re comfortable and happy in whatever you’re wearing and whatever your weight is, then GO YOU! because this is not a fucking game of, “well if they don’t want made fun of then they shouldn’t dress like that.” it’s called keep your fucking mouth shut because it’s none of your business what they do with their bodies.

and if you still wanna make fun of fat people, text your friends about it. don’t turn to me and say blah blah fat people blah blah ew, because fuck that shit. i don’t care if it’s just “your opinion”. just because it’s an opinion doesn’t mean you’re right, nor does it mean you’re exempt from retaliation, nor does it mean you’re entitled to voice it.